My Place - Pressed Flower Art and Crafts Handmade in Minnesota

White Pressed Flower Matted Picture     

     Every time I pick up another flower to work with, I am again awed by the magnificent way God painted our earth with flowers and plants. His work is indeed, the great masterpiece. I hope, with my pieces, I can in some small way share the inspiration and peace I get by being able to view His work year-round.

     I believe that God causes each and every blossom to open just as He intended. For this reason, I find a use for every flower I press. They may not all be identical in size, shape or coloring but, if God felt He wanted them here, who am I to call them imperfect? I hope you enjoy these items.

     Winter Landscape   I have tried to select the best photographs to display here but while a picture may be worth a thousand words, it doesn't even come close to the rich vibrant color of the actual pieces. No photograph or computer interpretation can possibly do justice to God's art work in nature so please keep that in mind as you view these samples.

     We've included a variety of art and craft items that are perfect for that special gift or keepsake or just for decoration around the home. Plant materials used include blooms and foliage from my now bountiful (thank you Lord) flower gardens. Dad and I have spent many, many hours developing them. There are wildflowers and grasses from around the countryside and I have also been blessed with several sources around the country for flowers that don't seem to like our northern climate.

6 Inch Votive Candle

     Other materials used are acid-free and chosen to accent and enhance your selection. The mats I've selected are beautifully cut in colors far richer and more vibrant than most monitors will show, and are chosen to compliment your flower arrangement.

     I'd like to thank Dad for all his support and encouragement. From helping with the flowers, to the frames he's made, to his work on the shop, I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks also to Lance Otto,, who put together this website. God has richly blessed my life.

       From candles to clay pots, from plaques to ornaments, from art to wood crafts, from names with meanings to inspirational and scripture, there's something for everyone and more to come. Welcome, thanks for stopping by and feel free to browse.